Haunting Video of Extreme Weather’s Connection to Climate Change

Woke up this morning with the Upworthy video below in my inbox and before I even got a cup of coffee watched the whole haunting thing. It really hit me hard.

The piece weaves together footage from many of the recent extreme weather events and then layers in comments from scientists and others in the know that connects all these developments directly to climate change. The piece gets particularly haunting when they also layer in comments from the Exxon/Mobile CEO about how we will adapt and then other commentators who hit the refrain: “Welcome to the rest of our lives.” The eerie music pulls it all together.

It did hit me hard, but it also hardened my resolve to take this on more directly in my next phase of work. I have an idea about how to initiate a conversation about more fundamentally reinventing America using the new medium of interactive group video. I’ll explain more later, but for now, this video should give anybody pause that we all need to step up and get focused on much bigger changes to deal with the much bigger challenges to come.


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