Welcome to the Online Hub for Peter Leyden

Welcome to the online home base for Peter Leyden. This website ties together the various strands of his online life through his talks, his many interviews of remarkable people, and his recent writing.  You can also find a hub for all his social media, as well as how to contact him.

Peter Leyden is blend of intellectual and entrepreneur who has spent his career working with innovative organizations trying to figure out the future and build a better world. He is the founder of Reinvent, a company that drives conversations with top innovators about how to find better ways forward and that creates media about the future for sophisticated audiences. He’s also a frequent keynote speaker on new technologies and future trends, working through Keppler Speakers.

Leyden came to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at the early Wired magazine that helped define the digital revolution, and he ended up running the magazine as managing editor. He then reinvented himself every 5 years or so by following the front edge of tech disruption and being part of pioneering organizations trying to fundamentally rework new ways to do business, politics and media.

After covering technology at Wired, Leyden widened his focus to the other major force restructuring our era – globalization. He worked at Global Business Network, an influential think tank that helped corporations and governments plan for the long-term – co-founded by the one-and-only Stewart Brand. There Leyden learned the value of pulling together elite networks of remarkable people from diverse fields to help solve complex challenges.

Leyden then spent four years helping those in politics transition to the new way of doing politics on the Internet, a period that culminated in Barack Obama’s historic campaign for president in 2008. Leyden shuttled between Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. on a monthly basis with technologists who could explain how to best use the new digital tools.

Since then Leyden founded two of his own media startups that tried to pull together all that he has learned over the years. The latest, Reinvent, connects up high-end networks of thought leaders from diverse fields, often gathering them in physical or  virtual events. Leyden then drives conversations about the future and how to solve complex challenges, which are captured on long-form video that can be shared.  A good example is What’s Now: San Francisco, an event series featuring many of the tech elite of the region, which Leyden has hosted for more than three years.

Throughout the last couple decades Leyden has given hour-long keynote talks on a regular basis to business and general audiences through Keppler Speakers.  He explains the big-picture story of our times and what’s coming next with a focus on educating outsiders about new technologies coming out of Silicon Valley and their eventual impact on the world. He uses dazzling multimedia slide decks that make his talks entertaining, and his generally positive message often leaves audiences inspired.

Leyden started out as a journalist working on regional American newspapers in the Midwest, New England and the Deep South, covering urban affairs. He served as a foreign correspondent watching the rise of Asia while working for Newsweek, covering China, Japan, and South Korea. He has traveled to more than 50 countries, in most regions of the world.

Leyden co-authored two books on new technologies and the future: The Long Boom, and What’s Next. He continues to write articles and recently wrote a popular series in Medium called California is the Future, which makes the controversial argument that the political transformation that happened in California over the last 15 years is about to come to America as a whole.

Leyden has lived in the same house in Berkeley for almost 25 years with his wife and daughter. He now considers himself a Californian, though he grew up in the heartland, in Minnesota. He was educated on the east coast, earning two master’s degrees from Columbia University in New York and graduating summa cum laude from Georgetown University in Washington D.C.


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