Welcome to the Online Hub for Peter Leyden

Welcome to the online home base for Peter Leyden. This website ties together the various strands of his online life through his talks, his many interviews of remarkable people, and his writing.  You can also find a hub for all his social media, as well as how to contact him.

Peter Leyden has spent his career trying to figure out the future and come up with new ways forward that could help make a better world. He has done this through a wide range of work in journalism, business and politics, while developing expertise in foresight and innovation, as well as thought leadership and media.

Leyden is unusually talented at curating networks of innovators from diverse fields impacting the future, and skillfully interviewing them about their latest ideas. He has the ability to synthesize many perspectives into strategic insights into what’s probably coming, and envision what’s possible to achieve. He can skillfully communicate all this to small groups of senior executives as well as to broad audiences through keynote talks, which he does through Keppler Speakers, and in his writing, which includes two books.

Leyden came to San Francisco 25 years ago to work at the early Wired magazine where he developed an expertise in quickly understanding the implications of new technologies, and began building a huge network of technologists and entrepreneurs that continues expanding to this day. He ended up as Managing Editor running the magazine.

Leyden then worked at Global Business Network, the pioneering think tank on the future, co-founded by the legendary Stewart Brand, which helped corporations and governments plan decades ahead. He learned techniques to systematically analyze the future through scenario planning, and to develop innovative strategies through design thinking.

Leyden more recently founded and ran Reinvent, his own media startup focused on the future that helped pioneer the nascent technology of interactive video and drive conversations with experts around the world in projects like the Future of Work, done in partnership with tech companies like Airbnb. For the last four years, he hosted What’s Now San Francisco, a monthly physical event series where he publicly interviewed world-class thought leaders about their latest ideas, and convened a cross-disciplinary network of participants.

Throughout the last 20 years Leyden has delivered frequent keynote talks in the United States and Europe as a futurist and thought leader represented by Keppler Speakers. He can translate complex ideas in ways that engage and inspire both business and general audiences. He has the experience and gravitas to influence C-level leaders and senior executives in small settings as well.

Leyden has written two books on the future that have been published in multiple languages: What’s Next, and The Long Boom, which was written in the late 1990s and told the story of the world until 2020 – and which largely played out.

Leyden did a four-year stint in politics to help figure out how the new technologies of the internet could transform campaigns. He brought top technologists from Silicon Valley to talk to top leaders in Washington on a monthly basis, and he served on the Technology and Media Advisory committee of Barack Obama’s historic 2008 campaign.

Leyden started his career as a journalist where he first learned to interview anyone and explain everything to mass audiences. He served as a special correspondent for Newsweek covering South Korea, China and Japan, and has traveled to more than 50 countries over the years.

From an early age Leyden showed an unusually wide range of interests that make him comfortable conversing in many fields. He designed his own multi-disciplinary major at Georgetown University, where he graduated summa cum laude. He also earned two Master’s Degrees from Columbia University, one in journalism and one in comparative politics.

In his spare time he loves reading books and watching movies about near-term science fiction that helps breathe life into what the future will be like. Despite all the dystopia he encounters in fiction, and the many real crises of today, he remains an optimist who truly believes that the world can get better, and will.

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