Welcome to the Online World of Peter Leyden

Welcome to the online home base for Peter Leyden. This website ties together the various strands of his online life through his talks, his many interviews of remarkable people, his recent writing, and is also a hub for all his social media, as well as how to contact him.

The short and conventional way to currently explain Leyden is as the Founder and CEO of Reinvent, a startup media company on a mission to help reinvent our world by driving conversations with leading innovators through events, roundtables and interviews. He is the host of What’s Now: San Francisco, a monthly event showcasing thought leaders from leading centers of innovation throughout the Bay Area, and also hosts the sister series What’s Now: New York.

Leyden has worked for several innovative organizations that helped reinvent the fields of media, business and politics: He was managing editor at Wired magazine that helped introduce the digital revolution in the 1990s. He worked at Global Business Network, the pioneering think tank which helped corporations and governments plan for the future. He was founding director of the New Politics Institute that helped those in Washington transition to politics on the Internet.

Leyden frequently gives keynote talks on new technologies and trends shaping the future and is represented by Keppler Speakers in Washington D. C. He is the coauthor of two books: The Long Boom and What’s Next.

Leyden started his career as a journalist, including serving as a special correspondent for Newsweek magazine in Asia. He has spent his entire life interviewing remarkable people about big ideas.

Then there’s the longer version, which explains how Leyden has been both a public intellectual and serial entrepreneur throughout his life:

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The Long Version to Get the Whole Story

Peter Leyden is a blend of public intellectual and serial entrepreneur who  has been following the story of our times and the front edge of tech innovation for his entire career.

As a public intellectual, he’s been giving talks, writing books and articles, and publicly interviewing thought leaders in various jobs over several decades. He’s been a journalist, a foreign correspondent in Asia, an editor of the original Wired magazine, the co-author of two books, and a frequent keynote speaker.

As an entrepreneur, he’s founded or played leading roles in a range of innovative organizations that often took early advantage of technological disruption and the building of new systems. He’s been a part of a variety of innovative startups in media, business, and politics that have helped define the next new thing.

Leyden has always been straddling the line between explaining the story, on the one hand, and helping create it on the other. Hence the dual identity as an intellectual and entrepreneur.  One half of his bio can be organized around ideas, and the other around organizations.

Wired Magazine is as good a place as any to explain both strands. Wired was the  the first mainstream media publication to really grok the magnitude of the changes that would be driven by the digital revolution. The first to see how computers connected through the internet were going to restructure pretty much everything – media, business, politics – you name it.

Leyden was drawn to the revolution and became an early hire. He started as a senior editor overseeing the big feature stories like those on the cover – an idea guy.  He ended as the managing editor overseeing the whole editorial staff before the startup company was sold – an entrepreneur.

The Intellectual Story: Speaking Writing, Interviewing

While there Leyden was connected to an amazing network of technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators who were called to the revolution as well.

Leyden’s own thinking about that digital revolution was best expressed in The Long Boom, a 1997 cover story that explained the whole digital revolution from 1980 through the present 1990s and into the future, culminating in 2020, roughly where we are now. It was a largely positive story about how this all would play out, though at the time it was surprising and controversial. There was so much interest in the concept that Leyden left Wired to co-author a book version, which was translated into seven languages.

By the late 1990s Leyden was doing a lot of public speaking, hour-long keynotes explaining everything happening, and what was to come. For the last couple decades Leyden has been giving keynote talks often once a month to business and general audiences, conferences and C-Suites, across America and occasionally Europe and Asia. He constantly updates his multimedia slide deck with charts, infographics and dramatic images in the Wired style.

The Entrepreneurial Story: Founding, Running, Leading

More to come…