Career Timeline


Keynote Speaker, Keppler Speakers, 1997-Present
Description: Gives hour-long talks on technology and future trends primarily to business audiences at conferences throughout the US and occasionally Europe.

Highlight: Maintains a consistent schedule of talks to a diverse range of audiences, from small groups of senior executives to halls of 2000 people, explaining the world of technology and what to expect in the next 10 years.

Founder and CEO, Reinventors Network, 2012-Present
Organization: A network of innovators using the new medium of group video to carry out a series of online interviews combined with roundtable discussion on how to fundamentally reinvent America.

Highlight: Just incorporating in the fall of 2012 with all the highlights to come after the expected launch in November.

Founder and CEO, Next Agenda, 2008-2012
Organization: A new media startup primarily helping think tanks advance big ideas through cutting edge video and online tools.

Highlight: Helped George Soros establish the Institute for New Economic Thinking by doing all the web, new media and video for his first 2 years.

Founding Director, New Politics Institute 2005-2008
Organization: A non-profit helping those in Washington transition to the new way of doing politics through the Internet.

Highlight: Addressed both House and Senate Democratic Caucuses on their retreats and served on Candidate Obama’s Technology and Media Advisory Committee.

Network Director, Global Business Network 2001-2005
Organization: A pioneering networked think tank on the future and scenario planning firm working with goverment agencies and global corporations.

Highlight: Coauthored What’s Next, Exploring the New Terrain for Business, a book on what to expect in the 10 years after 9/11, based on 50 interviews with GBN’s network of experts from diverse fields exploring the future.

Coauthor, The Long Boom, a Future History of the World: 1980 to 2020,  1998-2001
Project: A book written from the perspective of the future that explains how new technologies and global integration transformed the world through our lifetimes.

Highlight: The book was translated into 7 languages and anchored an innovative community website way ahead of its time.

Managing Editor, Wired Magazine 1995-1998
Organization: The first publication to explain the Digital Revolution and help invent new media on the early web.

Highlight: Coauthored The Long Boom cover story as a senior editor and helped ignite a national conversation on the longterm economic implications of the Internet Revolution and globalization.

Newspaper Journalist, Minneapolis Star-Tribune 1991-1994
Organization: My hometown paper where I grew up and returned to get married after living abroad.

Highlight: Created one of the first “Information Technology” beats in the nation in the very early days of the Internet, and spent one year creating a 50,000-word, 4-part Sunday series “On the Edge of the Digital Age.”

Foreign Correspondent, Newsweek magazine 1988-1990
Organization: Worked from a base in Seoul, South Korea, covering the Olympics, democratization and economic miracle stories, and other events in Japan and China.

Highlight: Did stories on the Chinese crackdown on protests in Tibet under martial law in the months following Tianamen Square.

Beat Reporter, Newspapers in Deep South and New England 1985-1988
Organization: Learned the journalism trade and two distinct regions of the country while based in Birmingham, Alabama, and Hartford, Connecticut.

Highlight: Did 4-part series that for the first time covered the underground gay community in Alabama in the early years of AIDS.

Masters in Journalism, Columbia University 1984-85
Highlight: Wrote my master’s thesis on on the unusual occurrence of a rare blood disease around the Savannah River Plant, where most of the plutonium was produced for American nuclear bombs since the 1950s.

Masters in Politics, Columbia University 1983-84
Highlight: Concentrated on comparative politics and the evolution of the three great political systems of that time: communism, euro-socialism, and American liberal democracy.

BA in Intellectual History, Georgetown University Grad. 1982
Highlight: Graduated Summa Cum Laude, and designed my own interdisciplinary major that combined work in history, literature and philosophy around the great books of the modern period of the last 200 years.