In this age of spam, trolls and increasingly vituperative online conversations, Leyden is reluctant to just give out his email. But fill out this simple form and it will get directly to him. He’s pretty good about getting back to people with reasonable comments and requests.

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Since 2005 Leyden has been rooted in the same office building in the heart of the Mission District, which is in the heart of San Francisco and ground zero for much of the tech innovation and entrepreneurial energy of our era. You can find it on the map below. 660 York Street, Suite 218, San Francisco, CA 94110

Since Leyden moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at Wired magazine in the 1990s, he has been living with his wife and daughter in the same house in Berkeley, a neighborhood on the north side that’s very walkable. One of his favorite places is an open air beer garden that can be easily reached from his house. That’s a good place to look for him if he’s not working or mountain biking.