Gangnam Style and the Leading Hipsters of Asia: Korea

Amazed how far Korea has evolved in the 25 years since I was working as a correspondent there. Then South Korea was the raw, rough unsophisticated land of bumpkins compared to the much more sophisticated and worldly Japanese. And China was just emerging from the era of Mao suits.

Now Koreans can rightly claim to be the hipsters of Asia. Their Samsung is kicking butt on Sony and even trying to challenge Apple in the world of high design. The entire country of 45 million or so are blazing a trail for the high bandwidth lifestyle of the 21st century. And their pop culture is dominating Asia and now seeping to other parts of the world.

Witness “Gangnam Style,” the hip new music video that has about 350 million views and charting. It is the product of a very sophisticated sensibility. That video could not have been made 25 years ago, or even 10 years ago, or maybe even 5 years ago. But the Korea of today can create that sensation, and there will be many more.

One of the interesting things about Korea is that it was heavily influenced by America – more so than Japan or China. So they have this interesting blend of American creative individualism as well as the more conventional Asian attributes in their culture. That mix helps create this video. If you haven’t watched it, enjoy:

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