• Peter Leyden

    Founder of Reinvent

    Peter Leyden is the Founder and CEO of Reinvent, a new media startup that gathers top innovators in video conversations about how to fundamentally reinvent our world. He frequently moderates the virtual roundtables as well.

    Leyden worked for several innovative organizations that helped reinvent the fields of media, business and politics: He was managing editor at the original Wired magazine that helped introduce the digital revolution in the 1990s. He worked at Global Business Network, the pioneering think tank that helped corporations plan for the future. He was founding director of the New Politics Institute that helped those in Washington transition to politics on the Internet.

    Leyden knows much about new technologies and big trends impacting the future and frequently gives keynote talks on these topics through Keppler Speakers. He is the coauthor of two multi-disciplinary books on the future: The Long Boom and What’s Next. Leyden started his career as a journalist, including serving as a special correspondent for Newsweek magazine in Asia. He has spent his entire life interviewing remarkable people about big ideas.

    You can find more about his background on his website at peterleyden.com.

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    California is the Future—of American Politics

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    Trusting Strangers, Not Institutions—Navigating the Complicated Landscape of Platforms

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    Applied Neuroscience and Ramping Up Human Potential

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    “Urbanism for All”—Achieving a More Inclusive Prosperity through Cities

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    Richard Florida, City Lab Co-Founder and editor at large, sees the contemporary American city as a battleground for class conflict, and believes that the solution is more urbanism—specifically, what Florida terms “urbanism for all.”

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    The Reinvention of America – Peter Leyden Keynote Presentation

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    The Multi-Millionaire Who’s Fighting for $15

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    Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin with Brian Behlendorf

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    Many people have heard of bitcoin and might know something about blockchain, the technology system underlying the crypto currency. Yet few people understand how important blockchain technology could be not just for financial tech, but also for almost every other field.

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    Organizing Our Cities Around Autonomous Vehicles

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    If Donald Trump’s election can be interpreted as a backlash against progress and the future, Robin Chase is here to say the future is coming much more quickly than many of us think, particularly where autonomous vehicles (AVs) are concerned. Chase, who co-founded Zipcar, believes that AVs will go on the market as early as 2020.

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  • Completed: October 17, 2015 PST

    Making Films in the Cloud

    Series: Interviewing

    Filmmaker and Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain is pioneering an entirely new kind of filmmaking – cloud filmmaking. Shlain asks a question to the world, people film themselves in all different languages, and then Shlain incorporates these submissions into her films, which become available for free online. This method of filmmaking is 21st-century digitization and globalization at its finest, and so it’s perhaps not surprising that Shlain has no patience for technology panic.

  • Completed: October 16, 2015 PST

    Using Drones to Speed Global Progress

    Series: Interviewing

    Chris Anderson, the former editor-in-chief of Wired and the CEO of 3D Robotics, believes that the potential applications of drones extend far beyond commercial and recreational use. 3D Robotics manufactures more drones weekly than all U.S. aerospace companies combined, and is playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the accessibility of this relatively new technology.

  • Completed: March 12, 2015 PST

    San Francisco As Ground Zero: The Epicenter of America’s Reinvention

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    In a keynote speech at the Commonwealth Club of California, Reinvent Founder Peter Leyden made his case for San Francisco as the epicenter of 21st-century reinvention. “I think, with time, we’re going to see these as the early days of essentially the building of a new kind of civilization, a 21st-century civilization,” Leyden said. The…

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  • Completed: November 1, 2012 PST

    The Cloud in the context of Reinventing America talk

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    Leyden gave a short 20-minute talk in Las Vegas for Autodesk University in November 2012 in which they wanted him to put “The Cloud” and “Big Data” in a larger context of what else is going on in technology and the world. Leyden took the opportunity to lay out the concept of American reinventions and introduce his new Reinventors series too.

    Participants: Peter Leyden