Audience Testimonials

From a Recent Keynote Talk on The Reinvention of America

Leyden spoke to an audience at Fannie Mae corporate headquarters in Washington, DC, on Oct 17th, 2013, and more than 500 employees also watched the live webcast to Fannie Mae’s other campuses. Everyone was invited to give their feedback in a follow-up evaluation, and here are some of the most insightful comments:

“Mr. Leyden’s presentation was fascinating and very informative. I was glued.”

“This was the best speaker series event so far. It’s extremely relevant to the future of the workplace.”

“Great macro-level view that tied the tremendous technological developments of the past few decades to project how the next few may look. Enjoyed hearing a view of the country’s and world’s upcoming challenges from a positive perspective that ties today into other pivotal global moments, with an expectation that today’s and tomorrow’s generations can rise to the new tasks and be successful.”

“What an eye-opener about major trends shaping our future and the future of the country!”

“Fascinating material presented by someone who is clearly an expert in the field. Enjoyed the tying-together of macro and micro history and future vision. I could have listened to Mr. Leyden for another couple of hours!”

“This was a very valuable session, it really got you thinking about technology and the future.”

“It was great to have a presentation focused on much bigger ideas, with wider focus than what we normally concentrate on. I think this type of presentation encourages much more creative thinking and broader perspective than we normally encounter. I would like to see more of this type of training if possible.”

“What a fabulous speaker and presenter! 12 stars! Kudos to Peter Leyden.”

“Mr. Leyden was a very dynamic speaker and really did an excellent job of conveying his message. He made the topic very interesting so that even someone not in the technology field would be captivated by his presentation.”

“This presentation was an eye-opening look into our future. I found it to be extremely interesting and relevant.”

“I enjoyed the session very much: a plausible view of the future that pulls together many of the trends that are evolving today and doesn’t result in a view that is all gloom and doom.”

“The speaker was dynamic and the presentation was very informative. It stimulated creativity and gave perspective on the evolution of technology in the world in which we live unlike I have seen before.”

“Helpful for allowing me to think outside my normal “box” for 90 minutes. Thank you for making this happen.”

“This was a excellent presentation and had some very interesting ideas that made me think about my future and the company’s. I thank the management for providing a great learning/thinking opportunity for me .”

“I loved this speaker event. Very interesting. Please put more.”

“The presentation reminded me in some ways of a book written by Al Gore titled The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. However there were differences in the primary drivers which posed interesting questions in my mind. Definitely thought provoking material which we need to think about in terms of our business.”

“The speaker was excellent with great ideas and very informative trends. Would like to hear him more often.”

“I enjoyed all the different trends he was able to explain and it helped me understand everything more on a global sense and how we are able to use these trends to alter our business plan for the future.”

“It was a mind-boggling presentation. Gave a metrical insight into how data is taking over the world and how the rest of the world fares against the US in terms of data and bandwidth.”

“This was very interesting and informative. Would love to have more sessions like this in the future. Thank you!”

“Mr. Leyden is a very dynamic speaker and he covered a lot of pertinent information as it relates to what is taking place in the technology world as well as what kinds of impacts we might see. The graphs and other visuals he used were spot on in getting the content understood. While I can tell his presentation could be geared toward any large company using technology to do their business, he did take time to understand a little more of what we do to make his speech relevant. All in all a great presentation – including the questions at the end.

“I really enjoyed the speaker and was impressed by his knowledge of historical information and how it related to our trends today and what he expects in the future. Very interesting content.”

“Peter was a dynamic speaker. It’s always good to have an outside perspective of how the rest of the world is handling technology and advancements. Additionally a pleasure to have the opportunity to listen to someone with Peter’s life experience share his thoughts.”

“Mr. Leyden was very interesting and presented information that was both relevant and engaging. His experiences and knowledge of the subject matter provided for an exceptional 90 minutes of education. Please invite more speakers like him!”

“Great speaker, was able to keep my attention. Great delivery and knew how to deliver his message to an audience.”

“I was on webcast. Very effective switching between speaker and visuals. The slides were excellent, but the speaker did not rely upon them. He was very effective in making his point. The combination of this speaker and the way he used his slides was one of the best presentations that I have attended in recent memory.”

“Great information and presenter!”

“I would like to get a copy of the statistics the speaker shared in the forum.”

“I enjoyed listening to the presenter & reviewing the charts he had to share. Please be sure to post the webcast to others who were not able to attend.”

“Very informative and really liked the way the whole content was presented. Looking forward to more such speaking events in near future.”

“Loved the optimism. It was a great viewpoint on the long-term changes happening now.”