Our Age of Transformation

We’re living through a moment in world history that will be long remembered by future generations as when we made the fundamental transition to the all-digital, fully-global, more sustainable world of the 21st century. This is Leyden’s signature talk where he tells the big-picture story of our times and in doing so distills the essence of many key technological developments and major trends that are restructuring our world and will continue to unfold in the decades ahead. Leyden weaves it all together and shows the synergies in what’s happening in the worlds of technology, globalization, economics, demographics, energy and politics. Audiences end up with a more positive understanding of what’s happening around them, leave with new insights into the many opportunities opening up, and a confidence that they can embrace the changes to come.

You can watch a version of this talk given to a global company in Atlanta in 2011, though the material constantly evolves and is tailored to different audiences. Below you can view a condensed 10-minute version of the hour-long talk, watch the full talk, or go through it by sections. Click on the video’s title below the image to view in a larger window on this page.