The Reinvention of America

America is entering a period of fundamental reinvention on a scale seen only a handful of times in its history. Leyden makes the case that we’re about to enter 10 to 20 years of explosive innovation across many fields from energy to education to government. He lays out the changes to look for as we abandon many of the systems of the 20th century and rebuild systems that will work in in the emerging all-digital, fully global, more sustainable 21st century world. He explains the ramifications  on the economy, society and civic life, as well as on all businesses and organizations. Leyden makes analogies to previous periods when America has faced similar deep structural changes and unprecedented challenges and transformed itself through bursts of widespread innovation. His positive story of how Americans will once again transform our way of life and lead the rest of the world leaves people of all political persuasions inspired.

Below you will find the first good video of this talk given to a audience of MBA students in San Francisco in the fall 2012. The talk combines big-picture analysis of our current politics, the overview of the coming reinvention of America in the next 10 to 20 years, plus an explanation of Leyden’s new startup company, Reinventors. Each talk gets tailored to the audience so consider that this one was geared to a younger audience in an election year, and includes talk of the mechanics of the business for future MBAs. Most talks would not include those dimensions. That said, you get a great feel for this talk in the video that follows. Watch the whole thing, or section by section. Click on the video’s title below the image to view in a larger window on this page.