The Next Tech Paradigm Shifts

The Digital Revolution is really only getting started and there are more technological paradigm shifts on the horizon. Leyden tells the story of our times with a primary focus on technology for those who want to go deeper into that fundamental driver that’s behind so many changes in America and the world. He draws off his two decades in Silicon Valley to explain what everyone needs to know about the Digital Revolution and its next phase: All about Apple and the mobile future, Google and the video future, Facebook and the future of collaboration. The talk looks at the next waves of technology, particularly in energy, developments related to technology, such as generational change, and how technology will impact many other fields and ultimately help us solve our biggest challenges.

You can watch a version of this talk given at a public luncheon sponsored by Lockheed Martin in 2011, though the material constantly evolves and is tailored to different audiences. Below you can view a condensed 10-minute version of the hour-long talk, watch the full talk, or go through it by sections. Click on the video’s title below the image to view in a larger window on this page.