The Launch, the Leap

We’re launching this website with quite a few loose ends. It goes against the magazine editor in me, but is in keeping with the never-finished aspect of the social web.

We’re in the process of winding down Next Agenda, the company I founded about 4 years ago that specialized in helping think tanks and other innovative groups advance big ideas through web video and other new media. Much of my work for those four years, plus many videos of my talks and interviews of me have been housed on that site and that prompted the need for creating the one you see here.

I’ve been having quite a few conversations with people about what I will be focusing on in my next phase and it just made sense to make this website available. It’s already got about 75 videos that I’m either in or produced, and a lot of material that begins to explain what I’ve been doing and thinking.

We’ll be working on it in the next couple weeks to get it all filled out and working well. Come back later to see the material build – particularly on this blog.


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