From his early days in college, Leyden thought of himself as a writer. His first career was a journalist, writing almost every day. He’s written for newspapers, news weeklies, and monthly magazines. He’s written two books, and continues to write long essays, currently in Medium.


Writing is an outlet for Leyden but usually it is kept distinct from his speaking. Writing is a way to give his perspective on what he thinks about the political situation in America today. Leyden wants to add his voice and insights into the public debates at a critical time in America’s history. We need all sides to be able to talk openly about what’s going on in America today and where our country needs to go.


Some of his stories have proved to be very controversial, one with more than 1 million views. Others have been cited by other commentators like Ross Douthat in the New York Times and Steve Inskip on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. You can see some of his most recent articles on Medium.


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